A Little Homophobia Is Okay was created in response to widespread appropriation of queer culture and aesthetics by the ~cishetero~ masses that has lead to superficial #progress à la trans folks being allowed to serve in the military. Normies gain social capital and materially profit from the co-optation of queerness with no obligation to contribute or work towards queer liberation. So, A Little Homophobia Is Okay: let us have our space to live outside your gaze and we won’t bully you for being boring….maybe.

ALHIO is an archival time capsule project looking for text, moving image, sound, still image, and 3D submissions from LGBTQ+ folks, ranging from the intentional to the ephemeral. You don’t have to be an ~artist~ to submit, and submissions don’t have to be ~explicitly~ about your LGBTQ+ experience. We are equally interested in 3,000 word think pieces about earrings made out of baby heads as we are in your Dunkin receipt from last Thursday.