Fagmobile by calen

“you are what you eat?”

Location: tucson // cursed berkshires

Last think you ate: ripe pineapple. like. way too ripe

Message for future LGBTQ+ folks: what’s the new discourse on asexuality? also r we full bladerunner 2049 yet or do we still have a while to go


ZEMA and the Map of Life

ZEMA and the Map of Life by Ames

“A map of life from ZEMA, a queer little alien who lives far away and deep inside.”

Location: Poughkeepsie, NY

Last thing you ate: Ice cold frozen Kit Kat

Message for future LGBTQ+ folks: There is so much beauty in you, in your existence on this planet. Your beauty is so powerful that people will try to control it, diminish it, buy it and sell it. But it’s your beauty, your power. And somewhere, waiting for you, is a community that loves your beauty and will reflect it back to you tenfold. And that community is a commune you should join a commune.


these earrings are kinda gay

“these earrings are kinda gay” from Jenn

Location: Gay, Georgia

Last thing you ate: Bubble Yum Bubblegum

Message for future LGBTQ+ folks: Do not mix prune juice and rum



Untitled by Jenn

Location: Williamstown, MA

Last thing you ate: Mystery meat Mac n Cheese

Message for future LGBTQ+ folks: Do not let anyone convince you to invest the little money you have on Robinhood. Also, on the topic of “jobs,” if an employer is making you buy stuff from them in order to work for them, you’re probably signing up for a pyramid scheme. Also also, never write your SSN correctly on any document (besides government documents), always write one number wrong. That way they can’t steal your identity, bind you to any contract, etc.



Forest by Jay

“a lonely mushroom”

Location: The Prison that is Dragoon AZ

Last thing you ate: burrito

Message for future LGBTQ+ folks: Try to make as many queer friends as possible! and make the people who value you the most into your family


Two Poems

“the only thing left is “teenline” a 1979 song by the shivvers” by gold carson

“be my baby (1963)” by gold carson

“two poems about love in the pandemic!”

Location: new jersey + western mass

Last thing you ate: berry turnover

Message for future LGBTQ+ folks: cry all u want & let the dogs howl :^*



Yuck by Emma

“A yucky & gross page from my quarantine sketchbook.”

Location: RVA

The last thing you ate: Kachumber

Message for future LGBTQ+ folks: Do shit you think is cool.