Submission guidelines: we are seeking content that has been made/found from January 1st, 2020 until now, whenever ~now~ is for you. We prioritize submissions from LGBTQ+ folks, ~questioning~ folks, and queer ~curious~ folks. We also accept multiple submissions! ALHIO will exist online as a consistently-updated website inspired by Black Futures, The Uncensored Library, and Queering the Map. Each participant will have the option to associate their submission with a point on a map, and participants are encouraged to include a message (questions, advice, anything) for LGBTQ+ folks at any point in the future.

So, send us your room trash, oil paintings, techno tracks, sketches, declarations, notes app poetry. WE WANT IT ALL! If you are interested in collaborating on the development of ALHIO or have any inquiries, please direct all correspondence to Calen at or (413) 655-1347